How to register Backgammon Classic Pro





Soon after placing your order, you'll receive a registration e-mail that contains the license conditions, the download links and the serial number. If you do not already have the game installed on your computer, download it from any link, install it to a new folder and then launch it in order to check how it works. We recommend to install and play the game when you are logged as user having administrative privileges.


There are three different procedures to get the game registered:


Procedure 1


Save the text file attached to your registration e-mail, bcpreg.txt, directly to the game's folder:


Windows XP case          My Documents\Microsys\Backgammon Classic Pro

Newer editions case       Documents\Microsys\Backgammon Classic Pro


Then you have to locate this saved file in File Explorer, make a right mouse click on it, select Properties from the context menu, General tab and press the Unblock button if there.

Procedure 2

Save the text file attached to your registration e-mail, bcpreg.txt, to an existent folder, for example C:\Games. Then launch the game with the option Run as administrator, go to the Registration page, press Select Text File and locate the file you previously saved. Press Ok, then the button Restart Game.

Registration Page      Game registration page

If the registration process was completed, the Game Status will become registered and all the page data will be filled accordingly. Here you can also check if a new version is available; if true and you confirm the download, the game will be closed in order to get the new file.


Run as administrator option can be selected from the context menu of the game executable or of its icon (tile), as in pictures below:

File Explorer

Desktop icon

Windows 8 start menu

 Procedure 3

Select with your mouse the entire serial number from the registration e-mail (last line), being careful to not add extra characters. Make a right mouse click on this selected text and choose Copy from the context menu. Then launch the game with the option Run as administrator (as described in Procedure 2), go to the Registration page, press Paste String to have the serial number in the Registration Box and then press the button Restart Game.



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